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this QUIZ content management system is a mighty tool to generate virality, traffic, leads and a gamification of your content.

starting from 59,- euro/month you can easily generate brand awareness and hundreds of new leads per day!

QUIZcms details

general Information on QUIZcms

This quiz system was born out of the urgent need for new content marketing strategies and products. Sometimes your content might be good but due to the niche you are working in, it´s not good, funny or interesting enough to be shared on facebook. This quiz tool now gives you the opportunity to pack your boring content, enrich it with a "game" and therefore make it shareable by users that want to win.

Don´t worry: there is lots of products, services and information that normally just doesn´t work on facebook, because people just don´t share it. Let´s presume you are in the financial services are and have to promote your "products" on all those social media channels! It basically sucks, because no one wants to share information on "car insurances".

Right? Here´s the solution: start to set up a quiz on "car insurances", there are lot of questions out there on that kind of insurance. Choose something really cool as incentive/price and start targeting people on facebook with your new quiz, that now sits within your formerly boring landing page.

QUIZcms is easy to use. No programming skills need! After having registered and succesfully paid, you will get access to your personal quiz-backend on your personal You can login at anytime and work on your quiz, the questions and the answers.

Once you finished your work, go and get your widget code and copy&paste it at any position within your html-code. That´s it, you are ready to rock! Now go and get traffic from google, facebook, twitter, etc.

Again, no programming skills needed! Once it´s integrated, people will start to answer the questions, collect points and end the quiz by leaving their name, phonenumber and adress. QUIZcms comes with a stats-module, so you can see and analyze your traffic, shares, tweets, devices etc. in realtime.

QUIZcms features & benefits

  • generate traffic

    people like quizzes and gamification! The quiz will attract clicks on social media platforms, that in the end will result in more shares.
  • content marketing made easy

    Gamification works! The QUIZcms will make your content marketing campaigns more easy especially for rather boring content and websites.
  • generate new leads

    It´s really easy: people start your quiz because they want to win! To obtain more points they most probably will share it (up to 70% share-quota).
  • targeted traffic

    Look for any specific and relevant groups on facebook. There are tons! Start targeting these group members with your facebook ads & campaigns.
  • 100% Customizing

    You like QUIZcms but have more ideas and special feature-requests? No problem at all: the code is all ours. Give us a call, and we´ll talk about it!
  • build reputation

    User will love your quiz. They will learn about your product, services and company while playing it online! Can you imagine an easier way?

QUIZcms videotutorial

Setting up a quiz with QUIZCMS takes only about a couple of minutes. Fill in all necessary information on the quiz and the rewards/prices to win. Set up questions and answers, start the preview and you are basically ready to rock.

You run your website on WordPress? Or Joomla? Or Drupal? You want to use QUIZcms in your Webshop? OK, then do it, because we actually don´t care! Don´t care about your CMS or technical solution behind your website. QUIZcms will generate html-code as a widget, that you copy&paste whereever you want to have it running!

The videotutorial on the right side will show you, how easy QUIZcms works. Please take your time and watch it! You´ll be surprised how easy and quick this tool works.

After having watched the video, giv it a try with our demo.

QUIZcms video

QUIZcms Quiz Tool Demo

Never buy a pig in a poke! That´s why you can use our demo and try the QUIZcms-frontend and -backend.

Please find our demo here:
Test frontend

QUIZcms Quiz Tool - personal Demo

If you would like to test the QUIZcms backend, please make an appointment for a personal demo.

happy QUIZcms customers

  • WWF
  • SEOkratie
  • Felix Beilharz
  • Rockit Internet
  • Albert Bauer Digital

QUIZcms pricing

  • Basic Account
  • EURO 59,-, VAT included
  • 1 Quiz
  • 1 Month runtime
  • 1 administrator
  • statistics
  • competition function
  • participation list
  • highscore list
  • embed Code
  • buy now
  • Basic Account
  • EURO 490,-, VAT included
  • 1 Quiz
  • 1 Year runtime
  • 1 administrator
  • statistics
  • competition function
  • participation list
  • highscore list
  • embed Code
  • buy now
  • self hosted
  • pricing on request
  • Quiz
  • unlimited runtime
  • dedicated server
  • statistics
  • competition function
  • participation list
  • highscore list
  • embed Code
  • request now
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