QUIZcms Quiz System Case Study

What you can expect for Euro 59,- per month

You get for that amount a specially developed CMS to online create quizzes that with coupled a lottery. Participants can answer the questions Points collect, which are calculated automatically by the time consumed. The score at the end of Quiz competition can be accepted in the highscore list, provided that the participant for logs or enters.

Another plus point is the sharing feature at the end of a Quiz: The subscriber can here Collect extra points if he shares the quiz on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. He increases his chances of winning the extra points. This function is depending on the area and target group Quiz gladly and often used, so that share quotas of up to 70% can be achieved.

Finally, the participant receives a OptIn email with a confirmation link that click is logging in to the competition.

This is a case study that can be so, or something like that applied to many other areas. With the QUIZcms.com Quiz system can be endlessly play many scenarios

You want a specific service line (for example, insurance, consulting, etc.) promote wider the less well suited in pure form for social media activities? The Quiz System you can pack it all in a playful and create the incentives through the raffle a additional incentive.

You want to stand out from the competition with good content? Pack your content in a quiz! User love quizzes and you can use it to easily carry information about your products and services to the user.

You lack in principle the idea of content marketing? Try the quiz a try! It works!

Quiz Ideas

What do you know about home insurance?

the great Maldives Quiz - What do you know about this destination?

The new iPhone 12 - these features you should know!

etc., the possibilities are limitless!

QUIZcms Quiz Tool - personal Demo

If you want to test the quiz system backend, please arrange a personal appointment for a demo.

Case Study Content Marketing Quiz

One of the first quiz, we have ever performed, was the "great content marketing quiz" which we had then published on contentking.de. The following are some key data on the course, Participants, expenses, costs and profits as well as the final result.

Content and topic:
The quiz ran a total of 4 weeks and contained 15 questions, mainly from the Area Content and Online Marketing.

target group:
Online marketers, content marketing agencies, InHouse Marketer and all thematically interested users.

Purpose and Objectives:
We want to build as the primary target topics relevant traffic to positive to provide branding and reputation effects. Secondary objectives were leads in content marketing Consulting and leads for the quiz system itself.

time spent:
To create the quiz, we first have the questionnaire and the answers collected what corresponded to a time spent of about 2 hours. Parallel were Profit sponsors contacted by phone and via e-mail, which the quiz was briefly explained with the request to sponsoring in the form of products, services or vouchers.

Within a short time were gains totaling more than 5,000, - Euro collected. Quiz creation and search for sponsors have taken no more than 4 hours to complete.

After the quiz in content king-blog has been launched, we have the Landing Page shared on Facebook and Google+ and tweeted. In this case, the personal reach and Contact network (and the Share feature for extra points) led to a total of 3773 Quiz participants of have where 2381 entered in the raffle. Of these, 2381 applications have the 1639 click confirmation link, thereby confirming the OptIn.

In addition to 1639 new and confirmed e-mail addresses, we have 57 requests in the area Content Marketing received (consulting, audit, coaching, training & workshops) and 89 interested in won the quiz system. 10 Of these 89 leads have a single Quiz (590, -Euro) booked and 3 Standalone Selfhosted systems (from 5.000 euros) were sold.

example calculation:
For acquisition and implementation: 59, - EUR + 400, - Euro = 459, - Euro
Seeding & Feedback: 1000, - Euro (10 hours for answering emails, PMs and voice calls)


Sales:. > 25,000, - Euro for the quiz system +> 10.000, - Euro Content Marketing Consulting


ROI: Sports> 33,000, - Euro, significantly in PLUS. The value of the 1639 E-mail addresses in the Costing way not considered!